Welcome to FPLbatata! Your path to FPL success!
Who are we?
We are a team of football enthusiasts and your number one source for improving your FPL experience. After years of dedication for FPL, we have decided to direct our passion and expertise into creating the tools and methods that will help players achieve better results and climb the ladder of FPL ranks. We wanted to share our experience and develop great tools and strategies. Our team members have invested tremendous time and energy to create this website and all our tools are carefully built and tested to ensure managers have loveable playing experience.
Why do you need our help?
FPL is a game that gathers players from all around the world and this community counts millions of members. And we all love playing it! There is nothing more thrilling than selecting your team, and nothing more satisfying than seeing your player having a haul, scoring goals, achieving a clean sheet, getting that sweet 3 points bonus (and if that player is your captain, that is just a perfect pick). On the other hand, there is nothing crushing more than witnessing your player blanks and brings you no points. We all felt that from time to time. Is it all the matter of luck? Well, not really. Although yes, luck has its share in playing fantasy football, that cannot be the case for the entire season. Long term, you need to have a plan, based on proper data analysis. That is where FPLbatata comes in. It is the difference between inconsistent and low performance, and reaching extraordinary results.
What is FPLbatata?
FPLbatata is the solution for fantasy players who wish to have prosperous seasons and achieve notable results. Our FPL tools will help competitive fantasy managers to have advantage over their league rivals and stay ahead in the competition. FPLbatata provides valuable information to its users, which will help FPL managers to make quality decisions.
How FPLbatata works?
Our experts are performing detailed analysis of Premier League data, and based on them we have created innovative tools that will improve your playing strategy. Available data and comparison tools allow the fantasy managers to compare players based on numerous performance indicators, such as goals, assists, FPL points, shots, expected goals and assists, and much more. Using our comparison system will give our fellow fantasy enthusiasts better insight and help their decision-making. And what is important, it is completely free!

What does the future hold?
FPLbatata is in the early stage of development. We are continuously working on new ways to improve the playing experience of fellow members of the FPL community. That is why we have planned more tools to launch in future and help fantasy managers in upgrading their game and reaching their goal, while making FPL more enjoyable experience.

We hope you will enjoy our tools as much as we enjoyed developing them. If you have any questions or you wish to share the experience of using our website, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
All the best on your FPL path to success,
Your FPLbatata team.